Authorities differ completely about the origin of the Bulldog.  They even have differing spelling of the name.  Be it Bondogge, Boldogge, Bandogge, the final spelling is BULLDOG.

There are even those who dispute why he is called Bulldog.  Is it the shape of the head or because of his use in the barbaric sports of bull-baiting, bear-baiting and dog fighting?

Whatever the name or the origin, there is little doubt that centuries ago there was a canine resembling our present day Bulldog. Lighter boned and higher on leg, but with the courage, tenacity and determination that still exists today. Over the years, other breeders have crossed with the Bulldog to give these traits to their breeds, perhaps the best known being the Greyhound

After bull-baiting, bear-baiting and dog fighting were prohibited in 1835, a few dedicated fanciers worked diligently to breed out the aggressive, vicious tendencies and to modify the Bulldog to look more like we see him today, shorter faced and heavier in structure.

The first Bulldog Standard in England was drafted in 1864 and adopted in 1875. The Bulldog Club of America was formed in 1890 utilizing the English standard. In 1896 a standard was adopted by the Bulldog Club of America. It was revised in 1914 to declare the Dudley nose a disqualification. In 1976 the Dudley nose disqualification was redefined as a "brown or liver colored nose." The standard was reformatted in 1990 with no changes in wording.

Bulldog is a medium sized popular breed of dog that originated in England. In the UK, the English Bulldog is in the 'Utility' Dog group.

A head of great size provided the power required of the jaws to secure the iron grip on the bulls nose. The muzzle of the bulldog was shaped so that the dog could clamp on and still be free to breath in air. Wrinkles on the dogs muzzle channeled the bloodflow away from the dogs eyes and nose. Bulldog lovers started turning to dog shows for their pleasures.

Bulldog is very well built and stocky breed for its size. They are well known for their wrinkles on their face.

Bulldogs are generally great family dogs. They are very loyal dogs and can be become quite attached to the home and family. Breeders have worked very hard to breed aggression out of them.
They make great pets and get on well with children and other family pets including other dogs.



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